Cindy's photo - Baking in the Kitchen
Story of Cindy from Bakersart
          It was a humble beginning when we, with Cindy Chan at the helm, first embarked on a journey of baking many years back where we used to be home based, not having much knowledge of the science of baking and attempted to make less demanding products only. We went through many trial and error, not forgetting the joys and sadness that came along with it and finally that journey reached a stage of recognition where it has brought about the birth of this shop. Baking Lab with all the equipments and baked products
          Now, armed with a decade of added baking and pastry knowledge, we continue our journey and currently we make a wide variety of products which include pastries and cakes. Our products are lovingly made in our new comfy pastry lab and it is our aim to produce and deliver fresh and scrumptious pastries and cakes for our customers to enjoy. It is our wish to use natural and quality ingredients with measurable standards and without using any preservatives so that they are tasty and fresh. Also, we put a bit of love into creating our products in order to achieve the best possible quality final product. We endeavor to offer our customers a pleasurable experience in savoring the cakes and pastries and attempt to put a little smile on their face, when the products are enjoyed by themselves or simply presented as a gift to their family, friends or business associates.

Baking Ingredients in Cindy's Baking Lab           We feel it is crucial to take pleasure in what we do as we would very much like our customers to enjoy eating the cakes & pastries as much as we enjoy making them and we would now like to take you on a journey to “taste the world” where our cakes & pastries are made based on the traditional cakes & pastries found in different countries around the world..............
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