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What Services I am Offering?

Web Design Service

Specialized in providing custom web design service for customer who doesn't like the conventional template-based website. Website is designed based on customer corporate identity, styles, branding and preferences. Upon project completion, customer are given options to signup an economical maintenance package with me or request me to work as per request. Instead of hiring an in-house web designer, customer can rely on us for future website maintenance. By establishing a long term relationship with me, customer is promised with cost saving results. Please contact me in personal if you require further understanding about how we can work together.

Website Maintenance Service

Under normal circumstances, I would suggest customer to signup a maintenance contract with me so that I can manage the website for my customer and make sure that the latest information is updated wihtout any delays.

Flash Animation Design Service

Flash Animation Design is another value added service for my customer. I design Flash animation for websites, processes flow, roadshows, advertisements, corporate presentation, and training materials. You may also request a service for drawing and sketching for any creative projects. Feel free to contact me for further details.

Web Application Development and Company Intranet

I design and develop simple web application for company who would like to keep track of their company data with web application. For Web Application Project, I will work together with customer by going through the processes of requirement analysis, system design, system developement, system testing, and implementation. After the delivery, I will continue to support my client on a maintenance basis.

Web Hosting Package

I signup web hosting package (including domain name) for customer and liaise with service provider on behalf of customer. Offering customer a hasle-free solutions.

Paypal Integration

A value added service that integrating you online business transactions with Paypal shopping cart.

Language Translation

Language translation services are availble for English, Mandarin, and Malay. Whether you need another language version for your website or other printing material, we can help you to translate the content professionally.
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