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About Me & websdecode.com

I am a simple person who loves beautiful things. Even a small piece of cake will put me into thoughts of making it myself. I love to put thoughts and ideas into actions. In reality, we may not get what we want physically but we can always transform it into a piece of artwork. And that's how I started my designing job and why I love this job so much.

WEBSDECODE.COM (formerly known as www.funfurry.com) was used to be a personal website. It was gradually transformed into a small business that provides web design, website maintenance, flash animation design, and graphic design services to customer. The original version of websdecode.com was a personal blogs of my family and furry friend. And this is where the domain name "funfurry.com" came from. With some hands-on experiences in web designing, I officially started my freelance project in 2008. Being a freelance web designer, I also work for company as a software developer and web designer. I develop websites for customers during my leisure time.

My philosophy, "Simple is the Best". Keep things simple and nice are good practices but challenging. I always hope to provide a simpler concept and design idea to my customer.

How websdecode.com is different from other web designing companies? I design websites for companies who have their own corporate identity and branding. I build custom website from scratch without using any template. You may also enjoy the flexibility of environment whereby you can discuss any technical issue with myself directly without going through levels of procedures/rules set by company. You may also get a reasonable price as the negotiation is only between you and me. As simple as that....

Please feel free to contact me about any potential opportunities, I am glad to hear from you.

Thank you for visiting websdecode.com and I hope you enjoy your stay.
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