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QQ Forex Pte Ltd was set up by a group of visionary investment management professionals who seek to change the landscape of online forex trading by providing a dynamic total solution to traders. While many online traders use the conventional manual trading or trade with assumptions, our solutions enable all our traders gain profitability, minimize risks and worry-free in forex trading.

As inscribed in the alphabets "QQ" which resembles "Quality and nothing but Quality", we provide personalized quality service to our traders by helping them to understand every little detail of the investment process, the market situations and assist them to select the most profitable way to trade using a system that is proven and tested to be reliable and adaptable to your needs and market situation.

We are not a broker but a partner to brokers. We ensure that all the brokers we partner with are trusted and reliable, good paymaster and not scams of any kind. These brokers will go through our stringent monitoring for accuracy and reliability.

The unique thing about QQ Forex is we specialize only on forex trading and not divert our focus with other kind of investments. We believe by giving you the options to diversify your investment strategy and not "putting all eggs in one basket", you will have less risk as a trader. That is why, we offer diverse packages of forex trading for you to choose from.

So our traders can grow with ease consistently and persistently.

All in all, we promise to deliver maximum satisfaction in our services, trading and support. Because when you profit, we profit too!

The tagline of our company says it all. QQ Forex is perhaps the MOST UNIQUE online trading that sets the bar high with a "different" forex trading approach.

Our vision is to continue to pioneer forex trading in an unconventional way by always being dynamic, innovative, flexible, adaptable and conscious about the market situation. Most importantly, we help to give you DIVERSITY in forex trading by offering different strategies and method for your trading.

Thus, it is not a surprise that our motto is "YOU GAIN, WE GAIN". In other words, when QQ Forex make billions of PIPS, you make millions of dollars. It is a win-win situation for you and all of us!!

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