Our 15-footer LED truck is equipped with high quality (12ft w x 6ft h) P10 LED display screen capable of playing various formats of media files to display advertisements or messages in the form of audio video playback.

A unique form of advertising, our LED truck is a powerful brand awareness mechanism capable of captivating the target market's attention and interest.
Our 15-footer mobile billboard truck with a scrolling system enables the showing of multiple advertisements within a limited space. The scrolling system is equipped with an adjustable scrolling speed and time adjustment for up to three different visuals.

During night time, the trucks’ specialised LED lighting system illuminates the billboards for increased visibility while the scrolling sequences creates thousands of memorable impressions every day. This system enables the delivery of multiple messages complemented by attractive visuals that change instantly.
We have your curiosity. Now, to get your attention, our massive 20-footer multipurpose mobile stage is customised with a swing stage designed for roadshows and mobile exhibitions. The swing stage encourages interaction between personnel and client. The truck's manoeuvrability and simple set-up features allow for increased time spent with the spectators.

Its practicality and cost effectiveness is complemented by its versatility to capture the right market at the right location, causing increased awareness amongst the audience while leaving them impressed.
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