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MGR Fuel Enhancer Turbo Charge your car!

MGR increases Horsepower and Torque of vehicles across normal driving range of engine RPM. The car becomes more responsive and pleasant to drive.

MGR Fuel Enhancer can be added to RON95, RON 97 or all quality of diesel, from industrial diesel to Euro4.

Save on car maintenance costs and prolong engine lifespan

MGR Fuel Enhancer cleans, restores, maintains the fuel delivery system and combustion chambers at all times. It reduces wear and tear, prolongs engine life and reduces maintenance cost.
MGR Fuel Enhancer
Add to RON 95 and get better than RON97 performance

Is your car jerking or knocking after you pump RON95? Take note.

You are saving on petrol but knocking is slowly destroying your car engine.

Add MGR Fuel Enhancer into your fuel tank before pumping RON95. By doing so you are boosting the RON level of petrol and preventing knocking in your car.

Dyno test conducted on a Myvi showed when MGR Fuel Enhancer added to RON95, Myvi attained 13% more power and 11% more torque than RON97 at 3000 RPM.
Increase Car Performance with Fuel Enhancer
What does this mean?

If you are driving a Myvi, when you refill RON95 added with MGR Fuel Enhancer, you are
  • getting better power
  • a smoother drive plus
  • more mileage
  • and nett savings of RM0.86 perliter
compared to if you refill with RON 97!

When you add MGR Fuel Enhancer,

you Pay Less and get more power, you Pay Less and get more mileage!
MGR Fuel Enhancer is derived from plant, non toxic, biodegradable and environment friendly

Added to fuel, MGR Fuel Enhancer reduce unburn hydrocarbon molecules in engine combustion, there is significantly less toxic carbon monoxide, less oxides of nitrogen, less ground level ozone and less particulate matters which contribute to air pollution and smog in cities.

Tests done in Puspakom confirms MGR Fuel Enhancer reduce black smoke opacity significantly.

By adding MGR Fuel Enhancer to your fuel, your surrounding air quality is cleaner and healthier!

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