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Welcome to Bintulu Car Rental!
Thank you for your warm visit. Rest assured that you will be able to rent the most affordable yet hassle free car rental service with us. Rates are negotiable if you rent for more cars or with longer duration. So, contact us today for the best quotation!
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How do you charge the car rental?
We charge on a per day basis and minimum of one day.
What is the condition of the car?
We do scheduled maintenance for our cars and all cars working in good condition.
What payments options do you accept?
We only accept cash payment. Payment can be made when the car is collected.
Do I need to pay for booking deposit?
No booking deposit is required. However, we do appreciate if you can inform us at least 48 hours prior to the booking date should you wish to cancel the booking.
Do I need to pay for deposit while renting the car?
Yes, a fully refundable deposit is required when you receive the car. The deposit will be refunded when you return the car in its original condition. The deposit will be used for any repair on the car damages caused by you, stolen accessories or any summon issued due to traffic offense while renting the car.
Are you able to deliver the car to within Bintulu?
Yes, we can deliver and pick up the car anywhere within Bintulu except for Bintulu Airport. A fee of RM 25 is required if you wish to ask us to pick you up from Bintulu Airport to your hotel.
Can I extend the booking while renting it?
Yes, you may extend the rental duration but it would be best if you let us know about it as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee the availability of the car at last minute request as it may affect other client's booking. Should there be any problem, we would offer you to use any of our cars available. Rental charges will be made accordingly.
Can I pay by cheque or credit card?
No, we are so sorry that we don't accept any cheque or credit card payment at this point of time.
Can I cancel the booking?
Yes, you may but please inform us as soon as possible or at least 48 hours prior to the booking date.
Is there petrol fuel when the car is received?
There will be sufficient car fuel left by the previous customer who rent the car. Or we will refill it to a sufficient fuel level. You can pump the fuel according to your needs.
Do I need to refill the fuel tanks on return?
Yes, please refill to the level when you first received the car.
How much is charges to switch cars during rental?
You will only need to pay the difference of the rates of the cars switched.
What are the documents to be submitted upon receive of rental car?
Please prepare a photocopy of your identity card (I/C) and a copy of valid driving license with the full rental payment as quoted.
I am a foreigner, what documents I need to rent cars and drive in Bintulu?
Standard identification documents like passport, identity card and driving license is applicable here.
Do you provide any parking coupon?
Yes, we do provide.
Renting a Car in Bintulu
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